What’s your style?


What’s up Playas

As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, we all have our own way of preparing for competition or exercise workouts. I remember before competitions I would straighten my hair and my uniform had to match from head to toe, right down to the undies. I also had a certain clothing style and swag when I competed that made me feel confident and a sure guarantee I was going to win or cough up a lung trying.

Tell us, if we were a spectator at one of your sporting events or just admiring you workout, what would your style say about you?

Speed Up or Go Home

Back on the grind

Workout of the day! BoOtY rOcKiNg EvErY wHerE!!

Excited to get back to working out! I haven’t felt like this in a very long time.

I am a goal oriented person when it comes to anything I do, especially fitness, but not the usual I just want my body to look good n be healthy goals, but I need COMPETITON!
Since ending my career as a professional athlete I haven’t had anything or reason to workout since I hold muscle tone pretty well and eat healthy meals with some pleasures here and there.
So just to be excited about working out again is a great feeling!
#comejoinme #imready #healthylife


Work them Ta-Tas!

Hello Playas

Earlier this month we started a cardio challenge to celebrate the Breast Cancer Awareness movement.

Continuing to find a cure for Breast Cancer or all cancer for that matter, is extremely important. Each year we loose women to breast cancer in numerous rates even with the technology and medicine we have to date.

Although many more women are breast cancer survivors they are still losing their most precious gift their “Ta-Tas”. Keeping our body healthy is one way to fight against cancer. Keeping our mind strong is another.

Having a support group who helps with anxiety while making you feel secure and comfortable during a very trying time.

Let’s take back our “Ta-Tas” with our October Cardio for Hope Challenge.